Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog revival!

Wow, a lot has gone on since I posted the bulk of this over 4 years ago! I never realized how much time and commitment becoming a videographer of my own work would require. Well, four videos later and The Integral Anatomy Series exists for posterity. So too now exist a number of articles over at Spirituality and Health Magazine, as well as a whole new website, I'm also teaching one-day Integral Anatomy Intensives, all based on the images created in the lab since I wrote everything below. I haven't re-read what I wrote, but I remember putting a lot of goodies in there. I am continuing to write, but in the form of chapters for a book which I have committed myself to write. It will take the ideas I began in my book, Reconceiving My Body, to the next level: Reconceiving Our Bodies...I am exploring the concepts of the body I have developed from my years of teaching in laboratories to the general public, beyond my own transformation, to the transformation of our vision of the human form in general, and our changing relationship with our embodied selves. Fun!! Thank you for dropping by here~ scroll to the bottom and read your way up to make any sense of it all!!


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