Monday, March 28, 2005

Introspection and the five step process

Way back in one of the first few posts, while talking about introspection, I mentioned a five step process that I had learned during my years at the healing school. Introspection is actually a word I learned studying the teachings of Stylianos Ateshlis, popularly known as Daskalos, a healer from Cyprus whom I greatly admire (he has since died to that form, but the potency of his teaching far outpace the memory of his body).

By bringing together the idea of introspection and the five step process, we have a terrific tool in the toolkit for the work of self mastery. Having just talked about the difference between taking responsibility and feeling guilty in the last post, it's time to elaborate more on introspection, which is necessary to add depth and purpose to the idea of responsibility. The five steps I had mentioned were recognition, acknowledgement, acceptance, choice, and action. We can talk about these in detail over the next several posts, but for now, I've got to stop for the night and nurse a fever. (Been nursing the kids for the last week, now it's my turn!) So if I pause for a few days here, come back soon! I will be writing again ASAP. Thanks for reading along, anyone out there!


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