Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Expanding on the model: another triangle

Well folks, now that we've spelled out in some detail a process whereby we can study our experience and work to transform it, I'd like to begin to expand on the model of the consciousness of self mastery which we have constructed so far. So picture your triangle with Freedom at the top, and Choice at the bottom right, and Responsibility at the bottom left, with the words Self Mastery in the middle. Ok, got it? Write it down on a piece of paper or something, remember, with the point up.

Now we are going to add another triangle. First we'll draw it on its own. This time draw an empty triangle, now with the point pointing downward. This triangle is going to be a way to bring universal law into the picture. This is not an attempt to model all universal law, any more than the first triangle is able to cover everything in the world there is to know about self mastery. Rather, this is a device to provoke thought as we create it, and memory and insight as we reflect back upon it and talk about the included ideas. Models sum up a lot and spell out very little!

(In the same way that I footnoted Levent Bolukbasi at
  • IM School of Healing Arts
  • for inspiring the discussion of the five step process (I don't know if Levent got it from somewhere else in turn, or came up with that himself--in either case, I'll say I got the steps from him and interpret them through my own lense and framework), here I'll footnote a very odd little book for inspiring my discussion of universal law. That book is titled Hand book for the New Para digm (Brid ger House Pub lishers, 1-800-729-4131. I spent years in graduate school wrestling with natural/divine law issues, and this brief modeling is only the very tip of the iceberg, but a fine tip it is indeed!)

    Ok, enough footnoting, and back to the meat of it. In this context, what I mean by universal law is simply some inescapable principles embedded into the structure of our universe. Working along with the universal law is kind of like swimming downstream: easy. Knowledge of how to work with these principles can facilitate the process of self mastery. The free will may also exercise itself for ill with a knowledge of these principles. Let's make a commitment here and now to learn this information and employ it in service and in coherence with the will of the source of all.

    So at the upper left angle of the upside down triangle write or picture the word "attraction." The law of attraction is summed up in the phrase, "like attracts like." We'll need to unpack this a bit now. Here we are looking past the more superficial observation that "opposites attract," a common notion with regard to love and magnets, both of which are actually invisible binding energies which tend to create piles (whether of lovers or iron filings), in which case we really do have like attracting like). The law of attraction is a function of thought, and reveals the manner in which our thought-up universe operates. If you think "the Braves are an awesome ballclub," that thought (or any other, for that matter) sizzles with the power of attraction. If you think it, you will find yourself drawn to conversation with those who think likewise, and you might even end up at a stadium with another 50,000 folks in mutual agreement. You might walk around with a Braves cap, eliciting comments from total strangers, who will say things to you like "how about them braves" or "go Mets," either comment of which will engender in you the same belief: Go Braves!" The thought forms like a habit and becomes an embedded belief, attracting like thoughts and confirming itself year in and year out, through seasons bad and seasons good.

    Another example of like attracts like is when you are thinking of someone and they call you or email you. I had a recent contact with a colleague. We hadn't spoken in a month, much water had gone under both of our bridges, and I finally sat down and typed out a sort of "touching bases" email to her. I mailed it off, and bing! My in-box icon popped up to say I had mail. My colleague had been sitting at her computer simultaneously (3000 miles away) writing me, and we hit send virtually simultaneously, much to our mutual shock! But like attracted like, quite clearly. But this example might make the event seem unusual and therefore a poor example, when in fact this universal law, like attracts like, or the law of attraction, is always operating in our world. What was unusual was that we noticed something so common that we usually take it for granted: it is literally the water in which we swim--what is rare is taking note of it. Whatever is the focus of your thought, that you are attracting. Thoughts attract like thoughts, and when they become intense enough they manifest in the physical all around us. We habitually "vibrate" at a certain frequency, to put it another way. Those who vibrate at a similar frequency, we are attracted to and hang out with. This type of attraction is not to be mistaken necessarily for "liking." We don't necessarily like what we attract, though we may. All we can say for sure is that like attracts like. If you are not liking what you are attracting, take a good look in the mirror, accept yourself in spite of your judging, wake up to your choices, and in transforming yourself, you will attract anew.


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