Saturday, April 23, 2005

Regarding "accountability"

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For anybody locked into a victim conciousness mentality, all this talk of universal law and the mathematical precision with which it holds us accountable for our every thought and action may seem a little spooky and overwhelming. If you are of a mind to believe that your sins were all forgiven because you believe in Jesus, well, that is true in so far as you will not be sent to bake in eternal hell by a judge for your past deeds or the deeds of "Adam," but far be it from Jesus to undercut universal law completely and erase the paths of growth which you have worked out for yourself with the consent of the source of all. There is a lot to be said for accountability. Accountability is different from responsibility. In these posts we've had lots to say about responsibility. The perspective I have been developing here posits responsibility as a strategy of introspection intrinsic to the path of self mastery: the practice of responsibility involves the willing inspection of our role in the creation of our life experience with a view to correcting sub-optimal choices and creating a life experience ever more in keeping with the divine will-pleasure and universal law.

Accountablility, on the other hand, is not so much a practical function like responsibility. Rather, it is more a mathmatical function based upon the universal principles of attraction, intent, allowance and balance. The universe holds us accountable, not as a function of judgement, but simply as a function of the structure built into it by the most wise source of all. We are accountable for our thoughts and actions. The universe is not mad at us, or bent on punishing us, or anything of the sort. Such are the attributes which the victim consciousness mistakedly assigns to G-- from the depths of its guilt and craving for self-punishment.

Now, for those of you who have whipped out the calculator and begun tallying your debt to the universe for all of those nasty thoughts and actions you have been accumulating in the basements and subbasements of your unswept conscience, let's pause for a moment and consider all of the ways in which it is possible seemingly to mitigate accountability. It is important to do this, because if you toss in all of your nasty thoughts and actions for which you are accountable from your past lives as well, it may seem an unreasonable prospect to overcome your past and move forward.

It is precisely that sense of overwhelm which we need to address, lest you give up on the prospect of moving forward altogether, as if you were a hopeless case, on the one hand, or on the other, you attempt to outmaneuver your accountability without actually learning anything from the effects which you have caused, which would sort of defeat the purpose of coming to school in the first place. This latter outmaneuvering of accountability often seems to me to be at the heart of some of the more simplistic strategies for gathering converts to christianity.

I said "seemingly" mitigate accountability because although you can't really mitigate accountability, you can in fact grab the bull by the horns today and begin to generate the movement towards self mastery in your life which will reduce and dissolve the implied necessity of working through the repercussions of your past. When you, for instance, begin the practice of generating a stream of positive elementals, consciously constructed thought-emotions the intent of which are coherent with the divine will-pleasure and universal law, you simultaneously begin to dissolve the negative elementals which you generated in your past. That is because habits are dissolved through the repetition of the opposite action.

You need not necessarily become conscious of every single thought and action which you have deposited in the history of your life to dissolve them all. More important matters will indeed require a deliberate process of introspection to unfold your role in the particular drama, but in large part, your concern will be to generate a new state of mind, one which habitually creates in a positive manner coherent with the will of the source of all. On that track, you will be dissolving the implications of your past at a rapid rate. For example, say you had a fear of flying, and you undertook to address that fear head on, and you arrived at a point (and this can happen quicker then you may have dared to imagine) where you can get on a plane or look out at a vista without the fearful charge welling up within you. Well, at that point, all of the emotion-thoughts which you generated over the long course of your history and pattern of fear over that particular issue are effectively discharged and no longer have any leverage upon you. You have in effect discharged your accountability through your conscious effort. Congratulations!

Another kind of example is when something that used to bother you doesn't anymore, because you let it go and grew beyond your initial diposition. For instance, say your spouse has a habit of doing something that you initially react against. After recognizing your reaction, through the practice of introspection you determine that the matter is in fact inconsequential, and you consciously choose to look at it from another perspective, to live and let live. Now when your spouse does "that," it no longer bothers you. Instead of demanding they change, you transformed your own perspective.

I'm up to seven bucks in this machine with more to say, but my brain is slowing down...I will post more tommorrow when I am thinking faster (and therefore cheaper...time is literally money in this machine!


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