Friday, April 15, 2005

Putting it together

When you overlay the two triangles we have developed, you get a six pointed star. In the center of the star are written the words “Self Mastery” and “Balance.” If you work your way clockwise around the star from the top-most point, you’ll have labelled the six in turn as follows: Freedom, Attraction, Choice, Intention, Responsibility, Allowance. This whole picture represents an elemental, a thought-emotion which we have layed out. Remember, a thought emotion represents an intention charged with feeling. If you have followed these posts so far, you will have developed some very definite ideas about the words around and within the triangle. They represent a sort of travel kit for the journey of self-mastery, map and tire iron included. They suggest a sort of consciousness that is self aware and introspective, self responsible, and awake to the endeavor of service from a place of genuine humility, gratitude, and love.

So if it seems to you that such a consciousness is something that you would like to adopt for yourself, you could allow this star to hold these meanings for you, like a symbolic container of truth. It is a symbol of the whole person. You could see it in your mind, even glowing softly at first. You could formulate a summary statement, like “I am committed to the path of service and self mastery” or make a fancier one to your liking that incorporates more of your beliefs. Then, picturing that glowing star, which is you yourself, shining brightly, and breathing in your statement of intention and breathing out your statement of intention, again and again, you can allow yourself to feel the associated and supportive feelings that accompany so powerful and beautiful an intention. You can feel the joy that accompanies the experience of true freedom welling up in your heart. You can feel the gratitude that warms the chest when you acknowledge the great gift of your body and your life and your will. You can feel the relaxation and softness of the belly area as you connect to the peacefulness that washes over you when you deeply let go and allow, when you fully accept. You can feel the softness and easing of tension that occurs throughout your whole body when you observe yourself without judgement as the precious offspring of the source of all that you are. And as you feel these things, you can see this star, this star of your light, increasing more and more in brightness and intensity, a light of such a nature that no matter how bright it becomes, you need never avert your gaze. The light, your light, draws you in to it, and within it, within your star of light, where you can feel all the love that is yours, and know that this is the true nature of your heart, the heart of service, the house of the master who opens the door to all who would enter to share a banquet there, and to dance!


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