Wednesday, April 06, 2005

More on attraction

People and thought really are like magnets. Have you ever played with magnets? I LOVE TO PLAY WITH MAGNETS! I have weak magnets, strong magnets, metal magnets, ceramic magnets, neodymium magnets, square, round, bars, horseshoe shaped--you get the picure. I think what I love most about magnets is how they stick to each other. I love just having two pretty strong magnets, and playing with the invisible attraction or bouncyness of them, depending on which way you flip them.

Now it takes a little practice to become conscious of the way in which the law of attraction works with people who are seemingly so different, yet fulfilling the law of like attracts like in their coming together. Once my wife Karen, long before I met her, was having a stroll in Baltimore one evening. I think she was coming from a theatre where she had just watched a movie. Her mood was very down. She was full of self pity and described herself at the time as “a big hole waiting to be filled.” Then someone punched her in the head and knocked her out.

She awoke in the hospital when she returned to consciousness, and was feeling horrible, of course. Now, a person who feels bad about themself to the degree that she did at that time and a person who would do harm to another in a violent manner might not seem to have anything at all in common. But they were both on the same wavelength at that particular moment. Karen was thinking “I am a miserable wretch” and that other person matched her feelings with a confirming action, proportionate to her mood of self disdain and inner-turned loathing. Don’t blame me for blaming the victim here, either! This is actually Karen’s interpretation of the event, as best I can share it. Karen’s thought projections manifested on the spot. What she thought she deserved, she got immediately. Her vibrations were matched pretty much exactly by the person who hit her. Now Karen’s responsibility is for the thoughts she was generating about herself, and the person who hit her, well, that person is responsible for their behavior there too. Just because universal law is being expressed, there is no excuse for bullying yourself, or someone else! Put this way, it is our moral responsibility to raise our vibrations and consequently those of our surroundings, rather than merely match the local levels of misery and discord.

So people are constantly matching up with others who are vibrating at the same rate, because like attracts like. They literally ring each other up like tuning forks. Take two tuning forks of the same note. If you have two tuning forks which are “C” notes, and you whack one of them on something, and hold it near the other one without touching them, the second will begin to ring out their common note. It will entrain the other fork even if the C note is in another octave. For our part, we literally are tuning forks. Our bones ring out with the vibration of our thoughts, and we entrain everything in our environment that can match our tune. Like attracts like. Thoughts of a certain vibration attract more of the same. I can repeat this all night long, but it’s more valuable to observe for yourself and learn the truth of this law by observing it in operation in your own experience.

Now we can see how the superficial observation that “opposites attract” is underpinned by the deeper truth that “like attracts like.” The person in a relationship who throws bait, and the person who bites for it both share some common negative pleasures in the ensuing battle. The man who beats his wife and the wife who thinks she somehow deserves it. The person who plays the piteable wretch, and the person who commiserates with them. The person who plays the victim, the person who plays the perpetrator, and the person who plays the savior. The person who dishes out guilt and the person who eats it up. The person who bludgeons their partner verbally and the partner who plays the punching bag.

On the bright side, there can be positive partnerings as well, of course! There is the person who is shining their light for all to see, and others who sense their own light and turn it up in response to the first. I recall once our high school choir sang with a church choir. I was placed next to a man with a mature baritone voice. I never sang before like I did that day! My voice soared as I covibrated with that man’s beautiful voice. He brought out the best in me, and I was available for it. This happens all day long all across the planet. It is a manifestation of universal law. I am responsible for my life experience. I am responsible for my thoughts. I am responsible for the tune of my resonating bones. I can choose my rate of vibration. I attract my experience. My experiences represent the coming-into-form of my thoughts.

I have watched people reel in despair at the prospect that they are responsible for their experiences at this level. From the victim consciousness, any responsibility is frankly too much responsibility! But from the perspective of self mastery, responsibility for your every thought represents a tremendous opportunity to shape your world and your experience. This level of responsibility represents freedom itself. It represents your ability to consciously choose what you attract. Like attracts like. Do you know what you like? Practice attracting that.


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